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Remember wailing out to sad songs in your car in High School? Broken hearted, you'd pop in your favorite album so you could reflect on where things went wrong or how you would do things differently. It's a rite of passage we all go through and with the growing popularity of emo sing-along nights around the country, it's clear that those memories are still holding on strong.

That's where Waking Things comes in. Creating their own sound entirely while leaning heavily into their emotional musical roots, Waking Things finds a way to incorporate aspects of melodramatic rock and hook-laden pop in every song. They pair those songs with poetically, irreverent lyrics, soaring harmonies and dual vocals. All complimented by a tactical flurry of progressive drums and math-rock influenced bass. 

However, on stage is where Waking Things truly shine. Their live performances and unpredictable stage antics reveal their inherent passion, and turn every show into a swirl of chaotic energy and movement, creating a live experience you won’t soon forget.

Since their inception in 2015, Waking Things has played countless shows in and around Seattle, as well as completed two West Coast tours and released three albums, with a fourth slated for late 2019.







Email us for more information: wakingthings@gmail.com